Dual Deep Fryer

For home use, there are different dual deep fryer designs available. Useful for making restaurant-quality fried foods at home, a dual deep fryer features either two immersible baskets or a single cooking cavity divided into two compartments. Besides having easy, quick access to a home deep fryer, the biggest benefit to choosing a dual model is that it effectively doubles the capacity while taking no longer than a single-basket model. A dual deep fryer also allows you to simultaneously prepare a wider selection of foods. 

Dual Basket Design

Ideal for family-sized applications, a dual-basket deep fryer like those produced by Presto or Aroma feature up to a 20-cup capacity. The immersible 1,800-Watt heating element gets the oil to a suitable cooking temperature quickly, while it's fully removable for cleaning. The enamel-coated oil reservoir is also removable and dishwasher safe. The dual steel mesh baskets are big enough to accommodate chicken breasts or larger fillets of fish and feature plastic-coated grips for safe handling. 


Features of a dual deep fryer include an adjustable thermostat, oil-ready indicator light, a cover that serves as a splatter guard and, with select models, an odor filter and all digital controls. Most fryers feature a timer, while advanced units include multiple preprogrammed settings for one-touch operation.