Dual Fuel Cookers

While neither a countertop nor a portable appliance, dual fuel cookers provide home gourmets with the best of both worlds. Able to harness both the power of natural gas and electricity for culinary use, dual fuel cookers generally feature a gas cooktop built on top of an electric oven. Gas cook tops are the preferred industry standard, for the flame and temperature are more easily controlled, resulting in evenly cooked sauces, sautes, stews, soups and more. Electric ovens, especially convection ovens, distribute heat throughout the cooking chamber more effectively than gas ovens, and there is never any energy waste caused by a constantly-burning pilot light.

Cooker Types

Dual fuel cookers come in two basic varieties: freestanding and slide-in. Freestanding models do not integrate physically with the cabinetry and countertops of the kitchen, while slide-in units are designed for a "built-in" look. Single and double-oven models are available, most of which feature a standard 4-burner gas cooktop. Larger units may feature an additional 2 burners or even an integrated griddle.

Dual Fuel Features

Features of dual fuel cookers commonly include electronic ignition, sealed continuous grates and variable BTU outputs per each burner. For the oven, convection capability, adjustable racks, self-cleaning and a large internal capacity are almost standard. Dual fuel cookers are on the higher end of the price scale, but the versatility and performance makes any purchase worth the money.