Dual voltage Flat Iron

With an price ranging from approximately $25 to $125, depending on the model, a dual voltage flat iron, aside from its other features, is highly versatile because it can be used all over the world. Different countries utilize electricity differently. While the United States uses 110/220-volt electricity, 120/240 is standard in Europe and elsewhere. Try to take a single-voltage flat iron on a European vacation and quickly find that the appliance won't function. Dual voltage units avoid this inconvenience by being usable virtually anywhere.


Dual voltage flat irons are made by manufacturers such as Dolce Milano, Ozon, Babyliss and Le Angelique. Not only are they usable in multiple countries, most models feature a 12-volt car adapter, allowing one to straighten curly or frizzy hair while on the go. Use such a flat iron on all types of hair, from coarse to silky and whether it's wet or dry. 


Like other flat irons, dual voltage models feature a variable temperature control, a swiveling cord that won't tangle during use and high-temp ceramic plates. Using negative ion production and infrared heat, flat irons heat quickly and evenly, resulting in soft, smooth, silky hair. Designed to make perfect contact between the ceramic plates and hair, dual voltage flat irons are precise and won't cause hair to frizz.