Duct Cleaning Equipment: Adding a Filtration System Duct Cleaning Equipment: Adding a Filtration System

What You'll Need
One 20 inches box fan
One disposable filter of size 20 inches
Duct tape
Wooden photo frame
Wood glue

All kinds of duct cleaning equipment is very expensive to purchase. Even duct cleaning services, which go deep into the ducts and clear all the dust, dirt, hair and other particulate matter that has settled over the time, comes at a premium price. The reason for this is due to the sophisticated duct cleaning equipments used in the process. The quality of indoor air contributes tremendously towards health and as such it is often necessary to maintain and manage your filtration system. The ducts can circulate different types of allergens and particulate matter with the cool or hot air. A smart and cost effective choice is to add a filtration system to the duct system. It will filter the air being circulated and can be cleaned easily every few weeks. Moreover, the filtration system can be set up easily using common materaials found at the local hardware shop.

Step 1 – Assemble Fan and Filter

Take the box fan and filter out of the package and read the user’s manual to assemble them as per the directions. Make sure that no components are missing; this can be done my reading the "what is included" section of the instruction manual.

Step 2 – Fan-Filter Alignment

This is a crucial step, as the disposable filter has to be aligned to the side of the fan from which the air will enter. A wooden frame of the same size of the box fan is glued to the backside of the box fan. The backside of the box fan frame has to be aligned to the filter frame.

Step 3 – Seal the Edges

After joining the wood frame and the box fan with the glue, it is time to seal all the edges and the line of joint between the frame and fan using the epoxy sealant. This is done in order to strengthen the joint as well as prevent the air from leaking out.  

Step 4 – Attach Velcro

The rougher side of the Velcro strips need to be fixed and alligned outwards onto the remaining part of the wood frame. The reason for this is that the filter will be attached to this strip.

Step 5 – Fix Filter to Velcro

This is the final step in preparing a filtration system. Attach the disposable filter to the Velcro. The air will have to now pass through this filter before it reaches the fan.

Step 6 – Screw it to the Duct System

The wooden frame system can be screwed to the duct of the home. Plug in the fan and operate normally. The air being sucked by the fan will now be filtered by this homemade air filtration system.

The best thing about this filtration system is that it can be used in any part of the house in any room - as long as the duct system can allow for it. With the fan and filtration system installed, the air quality will improve significantly.

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