Duct Tape

Made of reinforced polyethylene, duct tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a relatively soft backing. Most commonly duct tape is found in silver and black, but other colors are available. Duct tape is one of the most all-purpose adhesives in use. It is water resistant as well as grease and oil resistant. Strong, extremely flexible and easily torn into smaller strips, duct tape has virtually unlimited application. On the downside, duct tape leaves a sticky residue when it is removed. Other names for duct tape include tank tape, gaffer tape, racer's tape and the common misnomer duck tape.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, duct tape works well in stagecraft for securing cables, marking cues and making quick, temporary repairs. It is used in motor sports to repair broken fiberglass. Duct tape is also used for a variety of everyday household and commercial reasons, from sealing boxes to taping power cords to the floor and countless other uses. 

Advanced Properties

High-performance duct tape offered by such manufacturers as 3M is water- and UV resistent. Made from adhesive-backed cloth with a high tensile strength, specially-designed duct tape won't leave the familiar residue behind when pulled up. Most single rolls of duct tape cost between $4 and $6, although advanced types are more expensive.