Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

ductless wall AC unit
  • 10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 700-3,500
What You'll Need
Ductless unit
Measuring tape
Hole saw or reciprocating saw
Stud finder
Power screwdriver
1 ½ " Wood Screws

If you can't install the vents necessary to create a central AC system, you can still enjoy cooler air during warmer months by simply performing a ductless air conditioning installation. If you are one of these home owners and would like to use air conditioning to cool individual rooms and areas of your homes, and if you have moderate handyman skills, you can install one of these ductless air conditioning units by following five simple steps.

Step 1 - Find A Place For Your Condenser Unit

You will need a sold, flat surface outside your house, as close as possible to the interior wall on which you plan to attach your air conditioner's interior unit. If necessary, build a 3x3 concrete slab and place the condenser on this secure and flat slab.

Step 2 - Choose A Location For Your Interior Unit

Choose an interior wall where you can attach your interior unit. Since cool air is heavier than warm air and will sink, your air conditioning will work more efficiently if you place the interior unit as close to the room ceiling as possible. The wall you choose should also be near the exterior condenser unit. Measure the distance from the interior unit place on the wall to the place where the condenser will sit. You'll need this measurement so that if you need to by tubing before you begin installing the air conditioning unit you'll know how much to buy.

Step 3 - Select Your Air Conditioner

Before purchasing your ductless air conditioner be sure to read its product manufacturer warranty. Some products require a licensed electrician or plumber to install electrical circuits and plumbing to avoid invalidating the warranty. Also check to see if copper tubing you'll need to install is included with the air conditioner you plan to buy. If the tubing isn't included you'll need to buy it before you can install your air conditioner.

Step 4 - Cut A Hole In The Exterior Wall

Use your stud finder to locate studs in your exterior wall where you will cut a hole for you tubing. In marking the place where you will cut your hole, be sure it is between wall studs and that you will not be cutting through any electrical wiring. When you have identified the place where you will cut your hole, use your circular saw to make the cut.

Step 5 - Attaching Your Tubing And Refrigerant Lines

Attach the interior unit mounting plate to the wall, using your level to be sure the plate is level. Then, use your wood screws to attach it to the wall. Through the hole you have cut in the exterior wall, insert copper tubing and refrigerant lines that came with the air conditioning unit, and run these lines to the interior unit.

Finally, connect the air conditioning unit's tubing and lines to the interior unit and condenser unit, then turn the unit on and begin enjoying the cool air.