Dwarf Citrus Trees: Outdoor Planting Sites Dwarf Citrus Trees: Outdoor Planting Sites

When choosing a location for dwarf citrus trees, it is important to choose a site that will help the tree thrive and bear fruit. Understanding a bit about citrus trees in general and the needs of dwarf citrus trees in particular will help you to choose the perfect location for your own dwarf lemon, lime or other citrus tree.

Citrus Needs

Citrus trees need lots of sun. These are plants that need at least eight hours of sun each day, so when you are deciding where to plant your dwarf citrus tree, be sure to choose a location that is very sunny.

In addition, a citrus also needs to be planted in a location that will allow it to be warm over the winter months. Citrus does not do well in climates where the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. One alternative if you live in a cold winter climate region is to plant your dwarf citrus in a container that you leave outside during the warm months and move inside during the cold winter months.

Citrus is also a fruit tree that needs a great deal of fertilizer on a regular basis. The most successful citrus gardeners are ones that feed their trees every few months and closely monitor the pH of the soil where their plant is located.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

While dwarf fruit trees are thought to be small trees, they can actually grow to heights of over nine feet tall if they are allowed to grow without any pruning. If you want your dwarf citrus tree to remain truly dwarf size, then it will be necessary to trim branches periodically to keep growth down.

Choosing a Location

Besides choosing a sunny spot for your tree, you should choose a site that is not overly windy and has good drainage.
Citrus trees are wonderful in the yard because they are evergreen year round and when they are blooming they emit a wonderful sweet fragrance that is quite enjoyable.

If your soil consists of mostly clay, or another substance that does not lend well to draining, it is a good idea to amend your soil with sand that will help with drainage. While citrus can thrive in almost any soil, clay soils in particular are problematic because they do not allow good drainage and can tend to leave roots to drown when the tree is watered.

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