Dye a Concrete Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid Dye a Concrete Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid

To dye concrete countertops is fairly simple. However, there are a few common mistakes which you could tend to make, which may result in a rather unsatisfactory outcome. Let us highlight some of these in further detail so that you will avoid doing them.

Failure to Test in Advance

A common mistake is to apply the dye all at one time. It is best to test it on a small, unnoticeable area of the countertops at first. In such a way you can determine whether you like the result, and also discern whether the color is to your liking.

Not Cleaning the Countertop

Another mistake is not cleaning the countertop properly before starting to apply the dye. This will end up resulting in clumsy results, due to less adhesion.

Not Making Necessary Repairs

Some may tend to forget about inspecting the countertop in advance, so as to check whether any repairs need to be made. Cracks and holes need to be filled in before applying the dye.

Failing to Choose Suitable Dye

Another mistake is to select a dye which is not suitable for concrete staining.

Not Applying Enough Coatings

Unsatisfactory results often are a caused by an uneven application. It is important to apply more than just one coating of dye. It is also a mistake if you do not allow enough time for the first coating to dry well before applying the subsequent one.

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