Dye a Concrete Patio: Mistakes to Avoid Dye a Concrete Patio: Mistakes to Avoid

If you wish to dye concrete floors, it is important that you bear in mind a few basic aspects. These will help you to avoid making mistakes, so as to achieve better results.

Preparing the Surface of the Concrete

Prior to dyeing the concrete, it is fundamental to prepare the concrete's surface adequately. Most unsatisfactory results arise mainly due to the fact that the concrete was not properly prepared prior to starting the dyeing process. Sweep the patio, and then scrub it with plenty of soapy water so as to remove dust and other dirt residue. Afterwards, rinse with a garden hose and allow to dry well. The next step, which is also very important, is to buff the concrete. This will help to remove its surface seal. Remove all the dust and residue caused by the buffing process. If these steps are not followed, your concrete surface will not be suitably prepared for the dyeing.

Selecting the Dye

Make sure to select a good quality concrete dye concentrate. Also, choose the color well. Bear in mind that you should apply more than one coating of dye, especially if you wish to achieve a darker colored patio.

Mixing the Dye

It is crucial to mix the dye according to the instructions. Failing to do so will result in unsatisfactory results. You will have to add water and alcohol in the prescribed levels.

Applying the Dye

You have to apply the dye evenly for best results. It is recommended that you use a pump sprayer to ensure a more even application throughout.


It is highly recommended to spread a coating of concrete sealer once the dye has dried up well. This will help to provide a protective layer to the dyed concrete patio.

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