Earthquake Modifications for an Old Aquarium Stand Earthquake Modifications for an Old Aquarium Stand

If you live in an earthquake-prone region, securing your aquarium stand is important for the safety of your marine life. Learn below about various ways to stabilize an old aquarium stand for earthquake safety.

Replace Your Glass Aquarium with an Acrylic Tank

Shatter-resistant acrylic tanks tolerate vibration much better than glass, and are recommended for earthquake zones.

Secure Your Aquarium Stand to The Tank and to the Wall

Make a hinged lid, a fixed back and a four-sided base for your aquarium to help it resist earthquake damage. Move your aquarium next to a load-bearing wall in your home. Cut narrow plywood 2 inches high into sections for the sides, front and back of the aquarium base. Attach them to the aquarium stand and to each other with a waterproof epoxy. Make a fixed panel for the back of your aquarium stand of vinyl-coated plywood. Attach this back panel to the stand and to the rear wall with long screws. Put a 1-inch deep piece of wood across the top of the panel and attach a narrow lid, 3 inches deep, to it. Affix a long piano hinge to this section and attach a front lid that fits snugly over the tank top. The lid will stabilize the aquarium during an earthquake.

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