Easily Adding Membrane Waterproofing to Your Balcony Easily Adding Membrane Waterproofing to Your Balcony

What You'll Need
Waterproofing membrane
Thin set mortar
Caulking gun
Tape measure

Membrane waterproofing is a great idea for your outdoor balcony. The membrane helps to keep moisture off, preventing water damage and cracking under the tile. If your balcony is a place where you entertain or relax, you may want to consider adding a waterproof membrane to keep it looking great for a long time. Here are a few steps to help you with that process. 

Step 1 - Measure and Cut Membrane

Begin by measuring the balcony. Use scissors to cut them membrane to the correct size. These measurements can also help when choosing tile. Be sure to take into consideration any areas that need to be open for railings or other fixtures.

Step 2 - Spread Mortar

Use a trowel to spread a layer of thin set mortar on the balcony. Then, with the help of a partner, lay the membrane down. You may need to use scissors to make adjustments at this time.

Step 3 - Caulk

Use a caulking gun to seal any seams that may be present. Typically, this will be close to the railings or edges. Allow everything to dry for several hours. Once it has dried, you can spread another layer of mortar over the membrane and begin laying your tile down.


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