Easily Install Drawer Guides

Drawer guides make it possible for the drawers to be easily slid in and out. Older pieces of furniture, with older drawers, don't usually have drawer guides and they slide out harder and tend to stick. Drawer guides are installed very easily, with a few basic steps.

Line up with Drawer Edge
To install drawer guides you simply line the guide up with the bottom of the drawer edge with the rail resting on the edge. While holding it level, screw in with the hardware that was included. Once one side is completed, then install the other.

Attach Wheel Assembly on Drawer

Hold the wheel rail on the side of the drawer and screw on with the small screws provided.

Roll into Drawer Guides
Once the rail assembly has been installed on the drawer, you can slide it back into place. Lift up on the front of the drawer and drop the wheel into the drawer guides in the cabinet. As you lower the front of the drawer the wheel will lock in place and you can slide it all the way in. There is a stop on the rail that will not allow the drawer to come all the way out unless the front is lifted.