Easily Replace Broken Brick Steps

When you find a broken or slack brick in steps, take immediate measures to replace it, as it not only looks unattractive but can also lead to further damage of the steps or to an injury. It is quite easy to remove the existing brick and replace it with a new one.

Materials and Tools

• Replacement brick
• Mortar
• Bucket
• Chisel
• Wire brush
• Sledgehammer
• Trowel
• Garden hose

Step 1—Prepare Replacement Brick

Soak the replacement brick in a bucket filled with water.

Step 2—Remove Broken Brick

To take out the damaged brick, first remove the mortar around it using the chisel and sledgehammer. Make sure that you do not cause any damage to the surrounding bricks while taking out the loose or broken brick. If it is difficult to remove the loose brick, you can use a wide chisel to pry it off.

Step 3—Prepare the Cavity

It is also important to chip out all mortar from the hole or cavity where the brick was placed. Upon clearing the mortar with the chisel and sledgehammer, use a wire brush to remove debris from the cavity. Then rinse the cavity with a garden hose.

Step 4—Replace Brick

First, slightly moisten the cavity and apply some mortar on its bottom surface. Then take the replacement brick out from the bucket and carefully spread mortar on its top as well as end. The next step is to place it firmly into the cavity. If there is excess mortar, scrape it with a trowel.