Easter Egg Easter Egg

If you are planning an Easter egg hunt, the best part about is decorating the eggs. You can involve the entire family and they all can decorate their own Easter egg assortments with easy to use paints and stencils.

Little kids love to decorate an Easter egg and will be overly excited if they find theirs during the Easter egg hunt. You should number the eggs or use symbols on them to determine what the prize will be for each Easter egg. Create a chart that shows what symbol stands for, a piece of candy, a small toy, or money value.

The Golden Easter Egg

The golden Easter egg by far is the most important one for the hunt; it is worth more than the other eggs and creates the feeling of victory for the one who finds it.

Find an area that is large enough for the Easter egg hunt, usually a backyard will do. Place the eggs in areas that are fun to search: under leaves, on tree limbs, on the edge of a fence line. You do not want to make the eggs too hard to find, this could end up in a spoiled Easter egg hunt and a smelly backyard.

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