Easy Cutting Patterns for an Outdoor Rocking Chair

If you want to build your own outdoor rocking chair, plans and patterns are available that tell you exactly how to make the necessary cuts and put the pieces together. These patterns are designed for novice users, and may include 100 percent straight cuts, or easy instructions for cutting more decorative parts. The trick is to know that the patterns you are getting will work when it comes time to cut them out and put the pieces together. Here are some tips to help you choose the easiest plans, and still get the kind of product you were hoping for.

See It Before You Buy It

If you are going to purchase plans for an outdoor rocking chair, make sure that you see an example of how the finished product will look before you make the purchase. If possible, look at the plans to make sure that you fully understand the procedures involved, and that they are easy cutting patterns suitable for the cutting tools you have available.

Know the Tools Required

Before you buy plans for a modern rocking chair, make sure that you know what tools will be required, and that you have access to them, and know how they are properly used. It doesn't matter how easy cutting patterns are if you do not have the equipment to cut them. For example, a rounded edge is easy to cut with a jigsaw, but it is a lot more complicated to do with a circular saw, if you are able to do it at all.

Know the Materials Required

Easy cutting patterns for a child rocking chair won't be much help if you cannot get the required materials. Make sure that you can get the brackets and other materials, or have a suitable substitute available. It's okay if the slats are wider than the plans call for as long as you have a table saw to cut them down to size. The idea is that the you don't have to do any more cutting than necessary, and that there are no complicated angles involved.

Basic Plywood Patterns

Some of the easiest rocking chair patterns to cut are made from plywood, using 1x2 or 2x2 for bracing. A single sheet of clear oak plywood will make an adult-sized rocking chair, for example. The drawback is that a plywood design is so simple because there are very few parts, and the seat and back are often solid, rather than having more comfortable slats, or following a more ergonomic curve on the seat.

Basic Slatted Patterns

Basic slatted rocking chair patterns can be easy to cut as well. As long as there are no compound angles to calculate, and the number of moving parts is kept as close to zero as possible, most of the cutting will be simple straight cuts. A slatted rocking chair may be easier than a plywood rocker in that respect, because a jig can be set up and all of the pieces cut with a miter or table saw.