Easy DIY Rustic Mirrors Easy DIY Rustic Mirrors

What You'll Need
Inexpensive fabric from a thrift or fabric store
Fabric scissors
Staple gun with extra staples
Picture hanging hardware
Sticks, twigs, bark, pinecones and/or any other natural materials
Garden shears
Paint in the desired color
Glue gun
Metallic paint (optional)
Gold leaf (optional)

You can easily create your own DIY rustic mirrors using inexpensive or even free materials. You can find an intact mirror or an empty frame that could be modified into the rustic theme. Glass companies can cut mirrors to fit many custom sizes. Here are a few simple techniques for customizing an empty frame using fabric and other natural materials.

Mirror Frame with Fabric

Step 1 – Cut the Fabric to Fit the Frame

No precise measurements are needed since the edges of the fabric won’t show. Cut the fabric into four strips, each a few inches wider and longer than each section of the frame.

Step 2 – Staple the Fabric to the Frame

Lay out one strip of cloth, right side down, and place a section of the frame down over it, also right side down. Wrap the fabric around the frame just like wrapping a package, and staple the fabric into place. To add a fancy touch, the fabric can be ruched before stapling to create a pretty pattern. 

Step 3 – Replace the Mirror

Locate the desired place for the mirror, then hammer the hanging hardware into the wall and hang the mirror. This rustic mirror will give any room a punch of character!

The next technique involves using small sticks, twigs, pieces of bark, pine cones, or other free items found in the great outdoors.

Mirror Frame with Natural Materials

Step 1 – Cut the Materials to Fit the Frame

The sticks can be cut a variety of ways, either lengthwise to cover the length of the frame, or widthwise to cover the width of the frame. Choose a combination for an interesting mix of pattern and texture!

Step 2 – Paint the Twigs or Sticks

It will be easier to paint the sticks before they are applied to the picture frame.  Cover all sides evenly with the desired paint color, perhaps an earthy brown or a rosy maroon.

Step 3 – Apply the Twigs to the Frame

Lay the frame down onto a work surface right side up. Use the hot glue gun to glue the sticks into the desired pattern. 

Step 4 – Add Embellishments

Now is the time to really make the frame unique! The frame can be embellished with other pieces of bark or natural materials that add a homey touch. For a hint of whimsy, add streaks of metallic spray paint in a contrasting pattern. For an elegant touch, add gold leaf in a few well chosen places.

There are many ways to create a rustic mirror that don’t have to cost a lot of money.  The mirror may even become a treasured heirloom for years to come!

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