Easy Fixes to Repair Cracked Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood stairs lend a regal air to your space. They can look both charming as well as give a rich air to your home. However, these stairs need to be well taken care of as with time, they erode due to high usage. This erosion can cause the hardwood panels to crack or break. If this happens, it is very important that you repair the cracked panels immediately not only for aesthetic purposes, but for your safety as well. Given below are some easy and practical ways to repair cracked hardwood floors:

Wood Putty for Small Slits

If the hardwood panels of the stairs are slit only slightly, the best and the easiest solution is to patch up the slit with some wood putty. Wood putty is easily available in most hardware stores as well as your local Home Depot outlet and you can use it by simply following the manufacturers’ instructions. Remember, wood putty is only used if the slits in the wooden panels are small and the cover up needed is more cosmetic in nature.

Wax Slicks

Using wax slicks is the other modern and practical solution for repairing cracks on hardwood stair panels. If there are any splinters on the crack, remove those carefully with some forceps or sand out the rough edges with a sandpaper of fine grits. Remember to use protective gloves before you start the work. Now take the wax slick stick and rub it on the cracks along the grain of the wooden panel. This solution also works for indented wooden surfaces. The most important care here is that you need to select a wax slick of the same color as the wooden stair planks.

Wood Filler

If the crack of your wooden stair is bigger than just a slit, you can use wood filler to fill it. Again remember to purchase the wood filler in color as close to the color of the wooden staircase. Start with smoothening out the damaged area with fine grit sand paper. Remember to keep the sanding motion along the grains of the hardwood panels. Then mix the wood filler as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Apply the filler liberally along the crack and the surrounding areas and scrape any excess with a putty knife. Now let it dry completely. Finally touch up the area with some wax slicks of the same color.

New Panels

If the cracks in the wooden panels are large, these might compromise the safety of your staircase. In such cases, repairing the damages surface with wood putty, wax slicks, or wood filler may not be enough. You might need to get the damaged panel replaced with a brand new one. It is strongly recommended that you get expert help to do this. Replacing panels of staircases is not the same as replacing a floor panel. Here you need to carefully measure the stair stringer, stair raiser, and the stair tread. Incorrect measurements and installation compromises the safety of the staircase. Therefore, if you are not an expert contractor yourself, it is best you engage professionals to carry out this job.