Easy Solutions to Make a More Energy Efficient House Easy Solutions to Make a More Energy Efficient House

Energy efficient houses can be created through highly-expensive modifications and completely new buildings, but very few have that luxury. The average homeowner can dramatically reduce their energy consumption and increase the efficiency through a few easy projects. Though some output of funds is necessary, it is very manageable and sometimes quite minor.

Phantom Loads

These occur when an electronic device uses power while not running. This may sound odd, but it is more prevalent than most realize. It is estimated 75% of a home's electric bill occurs from phantom loads. Appliances with 'ready lights' which are always on, laptops and cell phone chargers that are plugged in, items with remote controls, and any item with a digital clock read out are all pulling power constantly. By actively using power strips to turn electronics off or on the phantom load and its energy pull are completely eliminated.

Energy Efficient Bulbs and Appliances 

Through various state, government, and non-profit programs, energy-efficient appliances have become significantly more affordable. If the upfront output of an appliance is out of price range, swapping out energy efficient light bulbs can be a small way to slowing over hall the energy consumption of a household. Energy efficient light bulbs use a fraction of the wattage of normal bulbs and often last twice as long.

Solar Panel Kits

The recent advancements in solar panel technology are a Do-It-Yourselfer's dream. These appliances have come down in price so far and become simplified so much that homeowners can now install their own for less than 300 dollars.  Though not every house will be oriented perfectly or in the most desirable climate, any power which you can personal generate is a savings to the energy usage of the household. With minimal maintenance and tax write off incentives, they are a fun and cost effective.

Light Colored Paint

Something as simple as a couple gallons of light colored paint can do wonders for energy use. Lighter colored paint reflects light rather than absorbing it. Not only will the room look larger, but the light during the day will be magnified. Fewer lights during the evening hours will be required as well.

Water Heater Blankets 

An on demand water heater is ideal, but a costly appliance. For a more budget friendly option choose a hot water blanket. These blankets are wrapped around the water heater and insulate it from heat loss. Since hot water is one of the major energy drains for a household, this easy insulation can do wonders.

Windows and Insulation

Replacing existing windows with high-efficiency windows can really drain the bank account. Instead, use weather stripping around all doors and drafty areas in the house. An extra layer of caulking around windows can also keep out any drafts. If the heat stays in and the cold stays out, the furnace doesn't need to work as hard. To increase energy savings, add new or extra insulation to the attic and crawl spaces to add whole house protection from heat loss.

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