Easy Techniques for Using a Boning Knife

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A boning knife cuts meat from the bone. This knife has a flexible blade that is about 5 inches long. Follow the tips below to effectively use your boning knife.

Deboning Chicken

A boning knife is an excellent kitchen tool for removing the bones from a chicken. Use the knife to cut along the sides of the tendons to remove them as well. The size of the blade enables you to cut away the bone and tendons without damaging any of the flesh.

Trimming Beef and Pork Tenderloin

The thin layers of beef and pork fat can be easily removed with a boning knife. This fat can take away from the texture and the flavor of the meat and should be removed. The knife should be inserted between the fat and the flesh and then pulled upward to cut off the fat layer.

Filleting Fish

A boning knife works well in slicing delicate fish flesh. The blade should follow the contours of the bones to remove them from the flesh. Once the flesh has been cut along the backbone, the remaining flesh can be filleted.

Butterflying Legs of Lamb

The boning knife can be used to separate the lamb meat from the bone parts. After the bone has been removed, the knife can be used to butterfly the meat and remove any fat.