Easy Tips for Spa Removal

Taking care of a spa removal does not have to be an expensive or difficult process. There are easy and simple alternatives to utilizing a pricey demolition or removal company.

If the spa is still working or needs only minor work to repair, one option to have a spa removed is to list it in a local newspaper or online as a possible sale item or one free to someone who can take it away. The spa can be listed as a giveaway or available for a small fee, providing that the individual taking it handles the work of removing it themselves.

For an in-ground spa that no longer works properly, consider turning it into a small pond by adding decorative flowers and rocks around the edges. This is a great way to add to your existing landscaping without spending a lot of money.

Another spa removal option is to cut the spa up using an electric saw such as a S or reciprocating saw, and taking the pieces to a local garbage disposal center.