Easy Tips to Install European Hinges

European hinges are one of the most popular option for cabinets since the hinge remains hidden. They are simple to install, but if you have never used them before they can be a little tricky to get the hang of. Here are some quick tips that will help you along the way.

Line It Up

Before you start installing the hinges it's a good idea to line them all up and mark the cabinet for the placement of the screws. This allows you to make sure everything will be even before you start drilling holes. While filling in an incorrectly drilled pilot hole isn't difficult, it is time consuming.

Hand Tighten

Don't grab your drill to tighten the screws. You can use a drill to create the pilot holes and start the installation, but you want to hand tighten all the screws in the end. This will prevent the hinge from shifting, and allow you to make adjustments as you go.

Get the Right Size

European hinges are available in a variety of sizes. You will also be able to find them with varying degrees of open angles. Before you purchase any, take some basic measurements. You need to know how far you need the cabinets to open, how large the cabinet doors are, and what kind of placement you are wanting.