Easy to Install Surface-Mounted Fixtures for Bathroom Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is generally installed in every room in your home; therefore, your bathroom is no exception. Easy to install surface mounted fixtures make using bathroom accent lighting a great project for the do it yourself homeowner. 

You Will Need:

  • Drywall saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Wire nuts
  • Lighting box
  • Electricity test meter

Step 1.  Disconnecting the Power

Before beginning any project that involves electricity, you need to disconnect the electric power to the room you will be working in. To do this, go to the home’s main panel box and undo the fuse or flip the breaker to the off position. If you are unsure which fuse or breaker feeds the room, as many older home panel boxes were not labeled well, plug a lamp into the room you wish to disconnect the electricity to. At this point you can ask someone to watch for the light bulb in the lamp to go out and let you know, or you can check it yourself if you are working alone. Once you are certain you have disconnected the electrical feed to the right room you may begin the work.

Step 2.  Locating the Light or Junction Box

Once you are certain where you wish to surface mount your lighting, take the light or junction box and place it against the wall or ceiling and trace around it with a pencil. Remember, if you are installing more than one style or type of accent lighting, to double check your measurements before tracing the box or cutting the drywall. Once you have traced the box, you will now have a cutting outline on the drywall to guide you. 

Step 3.  Installing the Light or Junction Box

With the junction or light box traced onto the drywall, you now need to drill a small on the inside of your guidelines, about half an inch inside the outline, so that you can insert your drywall saw and begin the task of cutting out the light or junction box.  When you have inserted the drywall saw, you want to cut just on the inside of the line all the way around the box outline. Take your time when doing this so that you have a nice cut and the drywall paper will not tear when you knock out the piece to reveal the opening for your light or junction box.

Step 4.  Mounting and Adding Electricity

Once you have a clean opening, insert the electrical wire into your electrical light or junction box. Then using a screwdriver, begin to tighten the screws at the top and the bottom of your box. As the screws tighten, the clamps located inside the drywall will start to tighten and secure the light or junction box against the drywall. Now, twist a wire nut snuggly on each wire and then push the wires into the lighting or junction box until you are ready to install the bathroom’s accent lighting.