Easy to Make Easter Decorations with Eggshells and Tissue Paper

Three eggs
What You'll Need
Tissue paper
Plastic wrap
Paper towels
Bubble wrap

You don’t need to buy expensive Easter decorations for an Easter celebration. You can actually be resourceful and make cheap decorations out of the things that you have right in your home. If you have some eggshells and tissue paper lying around in your house, you can use these simple materials to make great decorations for your Easter party. Get the help of the kids so they can share in the fun and exciting experience.

Step 1 - Prepare

Before you plan to make the decorations, you need hard boiled eggs, colored tissue papers, plastic wrap, paper towels, and bubble wrap. To start making your Easter decorations, lay a square piece of plastic wrap on a table. The plastic should measure approximately 12x12 inches. Get some art tissue paper of different colors and place them randomly on the plastic wrap. This kind of tissue paper can be easily bought in art shops. Get a paper towel and dampen it with water and wipe it on the egg to moisten the shell a bit. Put the egg in the middle of the pile of colored tissue paper.

Step 2 - Stick the Tissue Paper to the Egg

Wrap the plastic around the egg and press the tissue paper around it gently. Make sure not to press too hard so the shell will not break and ruin your Easter decorations. Remove the plastic and the tissue should have stuck on the shell of the egg. There will be some loose strands of tissue so peel them off carefully and be sure not to peel off the tissue that stuck to the eggshell. Let the egg dry until the tissue has completely bonded to the shell.

Step 3 - Color the Egg with the Tissue

In Step 2, we wrapped the egg with tissue paper and bonded the tissue to the shell of the egg for the design for your Easter decorations. In this next option step, repeat the process in Step 2 but this time, remove all of the tissue paper from the shell of the egg. The color of the tissue will have transferred to the egg and you will now have an egg with various blended colors.

Step 4 - Making a Specific Design

Easter decor

In order to make a specific design on your egg, make a cutout from a piece of colored tissue paper. It can be a cutout of any design you want such as a flower, butterfly, or a letter of your choice. Dampen the egg with a damp paper towel and place it over some bubble wrap. Next, get the cutout and press it over the shell of the egg. Make sure not to press too hard so the shell won’t break. The bubble wrap is there so the egg won’t roll over. Peel off the cutout from the surface of the egg. The colored design should have stuck to the egg’s shell. You can place multiple designs with different colors on a single egg if you wish for your Easter decorations.

Step 5 - Final Touches

Place your finished products in baskets or put them inside nets. You can put these Easter decorations on the table for display or hang them by the wall.