Easy to Make Fragrant Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are commonly found in houses around Christmas as they are a beautiful decorative addition to the Christmas holiday festivity and can also be used as an effective Christmas gift. They can be hung in your guest room, near the fireplace or on bedroom doors as a warm, cozy sign of your hospitality and joy, symbolizing a theme or spirit that depict your thoughts for the holidays. Moreover, fresh Christmas wreaths can add a whole range of particular fragrances to the cheerful ambience of your house.

Making your own Christmas wreath is an easy task and using the tools and material, as per the steps explained below, you can go about your project with little difficulty.

Tools and Material Needed:

  • Décor Material (Fragrant Garden Trimmings)
  • Coat Hanger
  • Paddle Wire
  • Scissors
  • Foliage

Step 1: Decor Material and Basis

First things first, get your décor material ready by gathering a shopping bag full of garden trimmings (6 inch) for example, pine, fur, redwood, magnolia, oak, cedar. The tips of these trimmings give the best results. Then, create a circle, as accurate as possible with the help of the wire of a simple coat hanger. This will provide the basis for your wreath and will be hung on the door with the help of a hook.

Step 2: Attach Paddle Wire

Once done, attach paddle wire (floral wire) along the base/frame of the wreath. Tie it to a particular point on your frame and then keep rolling or wrapping it around as you go about your circular frame.

Step 3: Apply the Garden Trimming     

Move forward by picking up your garden trimming and combining them to formulate a healthy and colorful bunch with the stems towards one end. Position the bundle on top of the frame precisely at the foremost connecting point of your paddle wire (floral wire).

Step 4: Wrap the Paddle Wire

Once the bunch has been positioned, hold it firmly in place and wrap around the paddle wire over the bundle as well as the frame. In other words, use one of your hands to hold the bundle and the other to wrap over the wire. Proceed by wrapping around the wire again after which pull the bunch and frame tightly together. See to it that you leave wire hanging around the frame. 

Step 5: Another Bundle

Now make another bunch out of foliage and position it as such that the leaves cover or wrap over the bunch you initially attached. See to it that the stems of the bunch are in one direction. Continue to cover the foliage bunch over the frame and keepwiring it to the base until you cover the entire circle. Proceed by adding pinecones with the help of paddle wire tying the base of the material with the wreath, but assure that you leave a tail of around 8 inches and tie that tail to the wreath too.

Step 6: Final Touches

Lift up the bundle you made out of garden trimmings and tuck in the second one underneath it. Tie the wire firmly around the upper bundle and knot up the wire on your wreath but do leave an inch of wire behind which you can use to hang up your wreath. You may use scissors to trim or mold the wire in the end to provide some neatness to your creation.