Easy Ways to Add Threshold Ramps for Wheelchair Access Easy Ways to Add Threshold Ramps for Wheelchair Access

Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of threshold ramps for wheelchair access. The main difference is whether the ramp is permanent or a temporary one. Different circumstances require different measures. There are ramps for outside purposes and ramps for the indoors. The material to be used is also important, to identify the ideal method for adding a threshold ramp. This article will give you some ideas of the different ways to add threshold ramps for easy access.

Inclined Plane

The technical word for an access ramp is an inclined plane ramp. This is obvious, since a ramp, by nature consists of an inclined plane. The plane dimensions, that is, the height of the ramp, are crucial for easy access. Many jurisdictions around the world have established a default height size for wheelchair access. If the inclination is too high, a wheelchair user would have difficulties using the ramp. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires the slope not be higher than 1:12, whilst in the UK, the slope inclination is estimated according to the type of wheelchair you are using (whether its an assisted wheelchair, self powered wheelchair etc). 

Using a Cement Inclination

The most common way to create a ramp is to use cement. Cement ramps are very limited in their use, since they are not practical for indoor purposes. Normally, cement ramps are used as an access from the outside, for example, to enter into a garage or alongside stairs. You may also need to have some kind of permit, since cement ramps are of a permanent nature. Check with your local authorities, to see what type of license you need

Using Wood or Steel

Another common material for an access ramp is wood. Wood is very durable, and very easy to work with. A threshold ramp made out of wood can be portable or permanent. Wooden ramps can be bolted to the ground for sturdiness. On the other hand, steel ramps are normally of a permanent nature, since they are quite heavy to transport.

Folding Technology

As the name implies, this type of ramp is portable. Folding ramps can be suited for powered wheelchairs or assisted wheelchairs. Folding ramps are very durable, and practically create access wherever you want. Folding ramps are becoming very popular, because they give a person more independence.


There are local community information centers, that handle this type of home modification. There are also various NGO's that help people make the necessary ramp modifications, to create an easy access environment. Most public buildings are obliged by law to have easy wheelchair access, for the rest, you may opt for one of the above mentioned solutions. The local council should have relevant information on this matter.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways in which you can add a threshold ramp for easier access. These types of ramps can be used in conjunction with each other, for example, a cement ramp for the garage and a wooden ramp for the garden.

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