Easy Ways to Catch Catfish

What You'll Need
Night fishing aids
Extra line

Finding new ways to catch catfish can be fun, but they can be time-consuming and a waste of bait and other resources. There are several things every fisherman can do to step up their catfish game. Simple and easy ways to catch catfish are out there, and you just have to find the one that fits your time, resources, region and schedule. Catfish is a strong and powerful fish, but also a popular eat and satisfying catch. Below are a couple basic things you can make sure you are doing right on your next day searching for catfish.

Step 1 – Pick the Right Time of Day for Catfish Feeding

Feeding is most likely at night or on cloudy or rainy days. Night fishing is the best way to get a great haul of catfish. Just be sure to have something that will let you know when a catfish takes your bait in the dark, like: night bobbers, an ultraviolet light, a rod with a glow-in-the-dark tip, bells or electronic bite indicator. If you have to head out or a bright day, try early morning or dusk and make sure your bait is extra smelly.

Step 2 – Find the Right Water

Almost all moving bodies of water will have catfish. What you need to find them is an eye for depth and currents catfish prefer. A good current and wind on the surface will stir everything up from the bottom, including the catfish. Look in the deep pools at the foot of rapids, or around fallen trees or big rocks. Seek out a deep dark moving pool and find a spot to bait it.

Step 3 – Make Your Own Catfish Bait

Catfish find their way with their strong sense of smell. To entice them out of the depths, catfish need substantive smelly bait that is big and hearty enough to get the large strong fish to bite. Make some on the way or the night before and don’t ice it, let it sit in the sun and get even stinker. You can use slices of beef or chicken liver and roll dough balls, or just cut some sliced baitfish like shad, herring and goldeye and use the oil as much as the fish to draw the cats out of the depths.

Step 4 – Keep the Catfish with Right Technique

Once you have all of the other factors right and you get a bite, you have to pick a technique to keep it. Catfish are big and strong and there are any number of things you can do to hold them. One of the best ways is to keep them off balance by alternating applying and releasing pressure and jerking the rod from side to side as you reel it in.

There are plenty of techniques and you can play around with them once you get the fish to bite. You’ve already won most of the battle by then, so just play around, try things that have worked for people you know and find your own best way. Keep notes of what worked and didn’t in your notebook. Try different hooks, baits, and times of day and deep dark pools until you find what works for you and the people waiting at home to eat your haul for dinner.