Easy Ways to Clean Skylight Shades

Skylight shades help to regulate the amount of light that passes through the skylight. They are made in various styles and from a range of materials. Naturally, they need to be cleaned from time to time, as dust accumulates on them. Here are some tips about cleaning skylight shades quickly and easily.


Rather than having to take out the ladder every time, you can use an extension to your vacuum cleaner so as to reach the skylight shades easily. You can use any vacuum cleaner, but a portable one will be handier. By vacuuming the shades regularly, you will be reducing the amount of dust that accumulates on them.

Water and Soap

From time to time, you will need to wash the skylight shades more thoroughly. If possible, remove them from where they are installed so as to facilitate your work while cleaning them. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in some soap. Make sure to use a mild type of soap or detergent, so as not to risk staining the shades. Immerse a soft cloth in the water and then use it to wipe the skylight shades. Once they are clean, use another cloth to wipe them dry. If the shades are made from fabric, immerse them in the water and wash them with some soap, using a soft sponge. Then hang them to dry.