Easy Ways to Fix a Gate Spring

What You'll Need
Replacement gate spring (if necessary)

A gate spring is used to close a gate automatically if it has been left open. They are also used on doors for the same reason. Repairing or replacing a gate spring is generally not a time consuming or complicated job.

Step 1 – Check the Gate

If the gate does not close automatically when you leave it open, then it is likely that the spring needs to be repaired or replaced. Check to see if there are any obstructions in the way before tending to the gate spring, however.

Step 2 – Check the Top of the Gate Spring

Using the screwdriver, carefully pry off the top cap of the gate hinge. Tighten the screw that connects the top pin. Turn the screw clockwise making a couple of complete turns to tighten the tension of the spring.

Step 3 – Check the Bottom of the Gate Spring

Pry off the cap over the bottom of the gate spring mechanism and tighten the screw beneath it. As before, turn the screw clockwise a couple of full turns to increase the tension of the spring. You should find that the gate will now close properly of its own accord.