Easy Ways to Moderinze Interior French Doors Easy Ways to Moderinze Interior French Doors

Interior French doors can be a very decorative way of dividing rooms, certainly much more so than solid doors as they allow light to pass through and gives delicious wide openings. Eventually, though, those French doors will begin to seem out of date and in need of a makeover. With a little time and some imagination it can easily be accomplished.


A coat of paint can cure many problems and it can bring interior French doors right up to date. You will need to sand down the door properly and choose a good color that matches or contrasts well with the rest of the room. You might decide to make the doors stand out with something bold, such as a deep red or bright blue.

Use gloss paint. Not only will it be more durable, it will also give a much better finish to the wood, one that will stand out and make the doors a feature rather than something utilitarian.


Replace the hardware on the French doors. Styles in door hardware change, just like everything else, and something as simple as that can alter the entire look, especially when combined with new paint. The doors can be transformed from something traditional and staid into something bright and modern with the right combinations.

Before making your choice, look at the room and decide what kind of statement you want to make. Most types of interior French doors will look good with all types of hardware, even the heavier curved pieces that are currently trendy.


Hanging draped thin linen or net curtains from a rood near the top of the door so they extended almost to the floor will offer a completely look to interior French doors. Light can still come through without any problem but the sweep of the drapes give a sense of the countryside and of romance. You don’t see the doors themselves, but the curtains, which are much lighter an airier.

This is a very easy solution, one that can be put in place in a little over an hour and it can transform the look and feel of a room, although it will need the right kind of room to carry it off successfully.


Changing the color of stain on the wood of the interior French doors can modernize them. Go for a lighter color, such as beech. Lighter colors are much more modern and help to make a room feel more spacious.

Staining is a much cheaper way to modernize than replacing the French doors, as the essential style doesn’t alter at all. Do it right and you can open up the room. It does take time, especially if you have to strip off a darker finish, but the results will be worthwhile. A mixture of a lighter stain with net drapes can also work, although you’ll need to choose hardware that’s more classic that modern to make it work properly. The options are only really limited by your imagination and budget.

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