Easy Ways to Prevent Condensation in a Loft Bedroom

When creating a loft bedroom there’s always a danger of condensation in the room. There are things you can do to prevent this happening.

Vapor Barrier

Putting a vapour barrier on the walls and ceiling of the loft bedroom will help to eliminate condensation. Fit it below the joists and put the insulation over that-be careful to do it in that order. The less moisture there is in the room the smaller the chance of condensation forming.


Seal all the cracks in the walls and around the windows. Fitting new thermal pane windows in the loft bedroom will help, too. The fewer gaps there are in the room the better it will be for cutting down on condensation. This means ensuring that door to the loft bedroom is well sealed, too.


Having good attic ventilation to create good air circulation will also help cut down on condensation. An attic fan is ideal for this as it can draw out the air through the roof. You want to be sure you’re not drawing in cold air but taking out the warmer, wetter air. This is a much better option than vents in the gables or ridge and in the soffits when you’re having a loft bedroom.