Easy Ways to Refluff Down Pillows

Down pillows are really luxurious and lovely to lie on but they sometimes loose their bounce.

Fluff Regularly

The secret of re-fluffing down pillows is to get into the habit of re-fluffing them every time you make the bed. A vigorous shake for a minute or so will loosen any clumps of down feathers and open them all up again.


A spin in the dryer with a fabric conditioner sheet can help to bring some of the bounce back. You just have to be careful not to have the heat on too high. Your down pillows will fill your dryer and they will simply rotate with the drum. A way to prevent this is to have something in the drum to bounce against the pillows. A pair of clean tennis balls or a stuffed sock will do nicely.

Open Air Drying

Airing you feather pillows is a great way to keep them fluffy. The sun will warm up a down pillow and the warmth will help the down feathers resume their normal shape.

A little shake every day will probably keep your down pillows at maximum fluffiness until it is time to wash them.