Easy Ways to Repair Wooden Storm Doors

wood storm door in front of building with wooden shingles

Repairing wood storm doors is relatively easy and even those who do not have extensive carpentry skills can do the job well. If have a wooden storm door that is sagging or won’t close, you can easily repair your door following these tips.

Correcting the Sagging Problem

There's no need for you to replace your sagging wooden storm door. To correct the sagging problem, you may use wire cables, screws, and a turnbuckle. To lift the door, you need to attach one piece of wire cable to the outer end of the door and attach another wire cable near the hinge of the door.

With the use of a turnbuckle, join the two pieces of wire cables near the center of the door. Pull the wires together with the use of the turnbuckle to lift the door. Once the door is in the right position, secure the turnbuckle to keep the door level steady.

Fixing a Door That Won't Close

The edge of a misaligned door may touch the doorframe so the door will not close. In most cases, loose screws on the hinges may be the problem. To correct the problem, check the screws on the hinges of the door and tighten them.