Easy Ways to Spook out Your Windows This Halloween

Transform Your Home for Halloween

Windows offer the perfect opportunity to deck out your home with plenty of spooky paraphernalia—after all, anyone passing by has no idea what sort of eerie mysteries lurk behind the glass. But when you’re already putting together Halloween costumes, prepping for parties, and hosting a few special events, who has time for complicated decorations that will take hours to assemble? Well, now you can give your neighbors a case of the creeps without a huge time commitment with one of these scarily simple window ensembles.

Spooky Silhouettes

Some black craft paper, scissors, and patience are all you need for this seriously frightening display. As a bonus, this makes for a great way to scare off door-to-door salespeople. Of course, if you’re seriously short on time, you can also purchase pre-cut decals that make demented decor a snap.

Rear Window

This professional-quality window creep show only looks complicated. In reality, it only takes some frosted contact paper cut into jagged shapes and slapped on the glass. It’s perfect for your ghoul on the go!

Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

Shredded drapes are always a sign that something spooky is afoot—and you can make yours easily using cheesecloth that you tatter with a utility knife. They look even creepier when the wind blows.

The ‘Eyes’ Have It

Got more than one window to dress up? A few more sheets of colored contact paper can get you this display with a thousand-and-one creepy eyes that follow you wherever you go!

Blood Oath

What’s the scariest thing you can think of to scrawl in blood across your front door? Don’t worry—it’s only corn syrup mixed with red food coloring. But the end result is truly chilling.


Has your addiction to The Walking Dead gone just a little bit too far? Not if these decorations have anything to say about it! Hang some broken boards across a window and sprinkle them with threatening clues about what went on in your home. It’s a display with real bite!

Welcome to the Dollhouse

It’s a well-known fact that dolls are one of the spookiest Halloween fixtures. Give yours a creepy makeover, and then suspend it from a dark window in front of a gauzy curtain. Guaranteed to give even the most hardened skeptic a fright!

Decor this spooky really is a window into the soul—the souls of the haunted, that is!

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