Werner's Easy Access Steel Attic Ladder

What follows is a quick review of Werner's Easy Access Steel Attic Ladder.

Ease of Use

Two features of the Easy Access Ladder immediately stand out. The first is its sleek design, which lacks the bulky springs of many other ladders. The second is its extra-large opening, which provides more clearance to store oversized containers. This ladder has a 300-pound load capacity.

The most welcome new feature of Werner's Easy Access Steel Attic Ladder is its gas strut, modeled after those found in cars and screen doors and designed to let you open and close the door quietly, without the slamming characteristic of old-style attic ladders.


The ladder boasts a couple nice safety features: a red safety lock and extra-wide, cushioned, slip-resistant steps.


The Easy Access Attic Ladder has a simple, two-piece design. Installation is not complicated, taking only 3 steps: attaching the frame to the opening, attaching the ladder to the frame, and adjusting the legs to the proper height.

For the complete Installation Instructions, start here.
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Image by Birdies100