Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Christmas Decorations Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be a hassle. Many unique and interesting decorations can be made by using items you already have around the house or that you can find in the backyard.

Nothing says Christmas like the colors red and green, so why not use what you have to decorate. Bring out everything you have that is red and green and arrange it around the room. Fill a basket with red and green balls of yarn. Place shiny apples in a mixing bowl in the kitchen. Fill a red mug with peppermint sticks tied with a red ribbon. Red or Green scarves can be draped over lamps and used as tablecloths on end tables.

If you've run out of baskets and bowls, make a bed of pine branches in the center of the table. Add a few pinecones, a few touches of holiday ribbon, and you're done. For a more elegant touch, fashion red roses with tissue paper you simply roll and tie at the base and intersperse the roses through the branches. You could also wrap little empty boxes with pretty paper and tie with ribbon. Group them around the candles on a buffet table. If you are out of silver wrapping paper, try aluminum foil.


Don't like your candlesticks? Use pears, artichokes, or apples instead. Polish the fruit, cut a hole through the top, and insert a small candle. Votive candles can go into any goblet or glass. Arrange them into group of different heights. If you have glass votive candles, try arranging bay leaves around them and securing them with a ribbon or rope. White glue can be used to help secure the leaves and then soaked off later. You can decorate any large pillar candle with asparagus or green beans. Simply wrap two rubber bands around the candle and insert the vegetables underneath. Conceal the rubber bands with ribbon.


If you have grown tired of your old tablecloth, try sprucing it up by tossing a handful of gold and silver glitter over the top if it. If it's white, use magic marker to trace your holiday cookie cutters onto it. Then, give your children markers, crayons and other assorted items to decorate each "cookie." For an alternative to the traditional tablecloth, tape wrapping paper together. Add ribbon and gift tags and you're done.


Old branches can be used in a variety of ways by either paint them silver or white, or leave them as is. Create a mini tree by sticking them into a large container and decorating them with tiny lights, bows, and other ornaments. If necessary, use a block of florist's Styrofoam to help secure the branches. For a special touch, have your kids cut out stars from paper, mount them on cardboard, and hang them on the tree. Another idea is to punch holes in each Christmas card you receive and hang them onto the branches.

Fill a white ceramic bowl with branches of evergreens and sprinkle with handfuls of Ivory Snow flakes to simulate snow on the branches. Surround the bowl with loose handfuls of stuffing to look like mounds of snow and you have your own winter wonderland.


Any basket can be decorated for the holidays. For added color, spray-paint the outside of an even-weave basket with white, green, or red fast-drying paint first. Then, use a piece of sponge to dab acrylic paint at random all over the basket.

The inside of the basket could be a layer of greens and topped off with a pile of colorful Christmas tree balls, gingerbread cookies, or pinecones painted red, gold and silver. Trim the basket with baby's breath, holy or mistletoe. If you have a small country basket, fill it with cranberries and add a bow.


Any fruit can be decorated by coating it with egg white and then rolling in silver or gold glitter. Next, arrange the sparkling fruit in a porcelain or silver dish. If you have a large wooden salad bowl or similar rustic container, fill it with a mixture of assorted greens, pinecones, berries, dried flowers and cinnamon sticks. Toss as you would any other salad and you have a pretty and aromatic display.


Fill apothecary or other small jars with Christmas candy. Cut a square of fabric to cover the tops and secure with ribbon on each end. You can also fill clear glass jars and bottles with water and insert a sprig of evergreens, a branch of Scotch pine, or a sprig of holly to each. Tie a gold or silver ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Add a touch of red or green food coloring to the water for an added touch.

Christmas Tree Balls

Christmas balls and tinsel don't always have to be hung on the tree. Pile the balls into a glass bowl and add cut pieces of tinsel. Wrap a bit more tinsel around the base of the bowl and scatter a few pieces next to it for a quick and easy centerpiece.

Here's another way to use Christmas tree balls. Write each guest's name on a Christmas tree ball using sparkle paint in a tube or magic marker. Hang the balls around the house and challenge each guest to find their name. Allow them to keep the ball as a parting gift.

Christmas Tree Lights

Add a touch of light to any room by filling a bowl, preferably glass, with a string of white Christmas tree lights. Set it on a sideboard and hide the cord behind the table. If you want your room to sparkle, use blinking lights. If you don't have a nice bowl, arrange the lights and add a little tinsel or wrap your houseplants with lights. Christmas tree lights can also be strung over the top of curtains, around the mantle, and on the stairway.

Buffet Tables

You can use sparkle glue to create decorative swirls on glasses. Don't worry; it will wash off after the party. Making each glass unique will insure that glasses aren't mixed up during the party. If you're having a buffet, tie the silverware and napkins together with a gold cord, fat red yarn, or velvet ribbon. Insert a sprig of green or a stick of cinnamon under each tie. You can make nice, oversized napkins by cutting large pieces of fabric with pinking shears. They won't require hemming or fray.

Creating your own Christmas decorations can be fun and will add that personal touch to your home. Plus, the money that you save can be used to purchase more presents to put under the tree.

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