Eco Friendly Products: Reusable Water Bottle Info Eco Friendly Products: Reusable Water Bottle Info

Reusable water bottles are not simply about offering eco friendling products, but about protecting your health as well. Single-use plastic bottles have been a major environmental concern, not to mention the cost of having to purchase them over and over again, so the reusable water bottles have definite advantages over their single-use opponents.

Health Aspects

Although reusable bottles are more environmentally and cost-friendly, what about when it comes to your health? The main options you can choose from when deciding on reusable water bottles are plastic or metal (aluminum and stainless steel). However, health-related issues have been spotlighted with reusable plastic bottles, so you should take certain factors into consideration when choosing which type of reusable bottle you should purchase. 

Plastic Materials

Reusable polycarbonate, or plastic, bottles gained media attention when it was discovered through several studies that the man-made hardening chemical long-used to make plastic bottles called bisphenol A, or BPA, could leak into the water in low amounts. The chemical is thought to lead to negative health effects, increase the risk of birth defects, low birth weight and mortality in fetuses when pregnant women are exposed, and cause early puberty in children.

Retailers and manufacturers in the US reacted by switching to BPA-free plastic bottles, while the Canadian government banned all products made with the chemical.

Metal Materials

Metal bottles made of aluminum or stainless steel, although more expensive, are more durable than polycarbonate bottles. In addition, the composition of the metal has also been known to keep water colder for longer periods of time.

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