Eco-Friendly Handicapped Shower Modifications for the Elderly

You never want to have a handicapped shower installed in your bathroom but sometimes it is an unfortunate necessity. There are many reasons why a handicapped shower may have to be installed. In the process of shopping around for components to make the shower handicapped accessible you'll notice the expense is high. This cannot be a detriment to what you need to do. You can take an eco-friendly stance on the project by using recycled or repurposed components to create your handicapped shower. The information below will share with you some of these modifications.

Shower Stall Seating

When you are putting together a handicapped shower you cannot neglect the placement of a seat. It is a great addition that will allow someone that cannot stand for long periods of time a place to be able to sit comfortably. This is incredibly important because shower time may increase and so will the instability in the legs and arms. There are several eco-friendly options to utilize. A park bench is not a good idea because wood can and will rot. That is, unless the wood is composite material. This is a combination of wood and plastic which does not rot or warp. Park benches, decks and some lawn furniture can be reclaimed to use this material. Another option is a plastic tote and metal bars. Totes are very durable and attaching the bars with bolts will add stability.

Hand Rails

This is simply an option that you cannot avoid installing in a handicapped shower. The hand rail will often be used in conjunction with a shower seat. The size and shape of the shower hand rails is not as important as how they are connected to the wall of the shower. You can go out and purchase metal hand rails but they can be very slippery. A good alternative, that is also eco-friendly, is using old railing from a deck, patio, porch or stairwell. You only want to use metal, preferably wrought iron, which has seen action outside the home. This means that the metal has been treated with paint that prevents rust. Install the metal to the wall using large bolts and then treat the metal with rubberized paint. This will add grip to the hand rail as well as prevent rust from forming.

Shower Head System

Using the hand rails and sitting on a shower seat are all great additions to your shower but a handicapped shower requires a simple and easy method of showering. Unfortunately hand strength and stability are often a factor that prevents a safe showering experience. A wand shower head is often desired and is easy to find as every department and home store carries them. They are usually included in handicapped shower remodeling kits. This addition is as simple as bypassing the current system and is added to it. Install the wand addition close to the seat and it will do a lot to make the shower handicapped-friendly. This type of shower head also consumes less water, making it eco-friendly.