Eco-Friendly Handicapped Shower Modifications for Wheelchair Users Eco-Friendly Handicapped Shower Modifications for Wheelchair Users

Accidents are never planned for and unfortunately installing a handicapped shower may become a necessity you never thought you would need. Handicapped showers aren't standard in apartments or homes. Remodeling the current bathroom to make it wheel chair accessible isn't inexpensive but it has to be done. Shopping for the components to make a handicapped shower may leave you winded and worried. A handicapped shower can be made and done in such a way that it will be more eco-friendly. The following article will show you how.

Shower Stall Seating

If you or your guest is high functioning with the wheel chair and can move in and out of it with care then shower stall seating may be an option. Buying one of these seats can cost a lot of money but have no fear because it can be done. There are several options you can utilize to create an eco-friendly solution. One is using recycled composite boards and building a simple bench with them by recycling an old metal chair you can find at any secondhand store. Composite board uses recycled wood and plastic and the resulting product does not rot or warp and there are no splinters. The boards are also waterproof. Another solution is to create a bench using a stiff plastic tote turned upside down with metal bars bolted to the sides. You would then bolt the tote to the wall and the floor of the shower.

Shower Ramp

If the person in the wheel chair is not able to move easily from the chair then a ramp will be needed. A ramp is easy to build out of reclaimed wood or metal. You will need blocks of wood as a support under the ramp. You can create these to fold and move out of the way by making it in two pieces and using hinges. Build the slope of the ramp with the strength of the individual in mind. Make the ramp extra safe by mixing sand in waterproof paint and applying a layer to the wood. This will be make it slip resistant even for a wheel chair.

Detached Shower Head System

The shower head is often easier to reach when it is not connected to the wall. Purchase a shower head that has its own on and off switch and a long hose. Attach it close to where the wheel chair will be placed and locked in. This shower head system is eco-friendly because it uses less water to operate.

No More Doors

Being confined to a wheel chair means entering through shower doors is impossible but you need to keep the water out of the bathroom area. Use a screwdriver to remove the shower doors and the frame. Glue a plastic sheet of inexpensive fabric or a recycled bed sheet and sew a loop in the top. Pick up an inexpensive curtain rod from a secondhand store and thread the new curtain on to the rod. You can then hang it along the length of the opening to the shower.

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