Eco-Friendly Inground Swimming Pool Design Eco-Friendly Inground Swimming Pool Design

An inground swimming pool design can be customized depending on your requirements. These days environmentally friendly pools are becoming increasingly popular because people's attitudes towards the environment are changing. When designing a pool there are a number of different things that you can do to make it more friendly to the environment. These can reduce the resources required to heat, clean and maintain your pool. This will not only protect the environment but also save you a considerable amount of money.

Swimming pools can waste a lot of energy in a number of ways. By addressing each of these when you're designing your pool you can minimize the impact on the environment and also reduce your running costs. Evaporation will result in a lot of heat being lost by your pool.

Energy Loss

When designing your pool you will need to be aware of the areas where your pool loses energy so that you can minimize these losses. 10% of the lost energy will be lost to the ground, 30% by radiation and a massive 70% by evaporation. Evaporation is the single biggest cause of a loss of energy out of your pool.

The rate of evaporation will be affected by a number of different things. The humidity, air temperature, wind speed and water temperature will all have an impact on the rate of evaporation.

Reducing Evaporation

As evaporation is the biggest single cause of energy loss it deserves a lot of your attention. If the evaporation is a problem because of wind speed then you can use a windbreak to reduce the effect. A windbreak could be fences or trees. Just ensure that the windbreak is tall enough and close enough to prevent turbulence. If you create turbulence then this will make evaporation worse. Also ensure that the windbreak wont create any shade for your pool because this will make your pool colder.

Solar Covers

A solar cover is also known as a solar blanket, these are large pool covers which are made out of a material similar to bubble wrap. These are designed to trap the heat inside the pool which will prevent energy being lost. Solar covers can be placed over the pool at night to prevent heat being lost to the cool air at night. These covers can be rolled up when they're not needed.

Solar covers are very useful because they will also reduce the amount of water you need to run your pool. As less water is lost through evaporation this also means that you don't need to top the pool up as often. this should in turn mean that the pool will need less chemicals.

Solar Heater

Most of the energy your pool uses will be used by the heater. A gas or propane heater will be very polluting and expensive to run. A solar heater is a much more environmentally friendly alternative. A solar heater is a panel which is normally mounted on your roof, this panel will heat the water using the suns energy for free. These panels are designed to last over 20 years which means they will be cost effective and pay for themselves many times over throughout their lifetime.

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