Eco-Friendly Lighting for Reef Aquariums Eco-Friendly Lighting for Reef Aquariums

Reef aquariums are usually seen only in plush homes because it is rather complicated and expensive. The makeup of the aquarium is also a concern for environmentalists since taking live corrals is dangerous to the marine eco system. But there are ways of making your reef aquarium more friendly to the environment including its lighting.

Plasma Lighting

There are now experiments being conducted on the use of plasma lighting technology on reef aquariums. Although very small, it can produce 140 lumens per watts, thus making the light appear more natural while consuming less amounts of energy. Hence, you would not be too dependent on your local utility company, which in turn would allow it to use less carbon and fossil fuel in generating electricity.

LED Lights

Aside from being very high tech, LED light are very friendly to the environment. You can recycle the housing completely as well as its box and other things used for shipping it. You do not need to install timers and switches and LED can last 50,000 hours. That means you do not have to replace it for 13 years. There would be less bulbs that to throw away and you will save a lot on energy use.

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