Eco-Friendly Sealant Options Eco-Friendly Sealant Options

Cork flooring is a great idea for flooring, especially if you are thinking green. There are many finishes and sealants out there today to choose from, and if you are looking for that Eco-friendly one, read the information below.

Zero VOC

VOC stands for volatile organic chemicals. This of course is not the most environmentally friendly product when VOC is present. There are sealants out there that contain no VOC. This should be stated right on the label, to let you know that those chemicals are not present.


Oils are a great thing to use to finish your flooring. Some oils are all natural, and some do create a very nice sealant as well. Try an oil that derives from seeds or plants, such as tung oil. This will seep into your wood, instead of creating a harsh film on the top.

Water Based

The most commonly used of sealants, when wanting to be a bit more safe, are water based sealants. This includes water based polyurethane. These sealants dry very quickly, and contain much less solvent than the other sealants out there.


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