Eco-Friendly Types of Exterior Water Sealer Eco-Friendly Types of Exterior Water Sealer

Wood sealer comes in eco friendly varieties that only require asking about at your local home improvement center. You will also find that an internet search will yield many choices of exterior wood sealer that are eco friendly.

Min Wax

Min Wax has long been a leader in supplies to finish and refinish wood and seal it. It now offers a line of eco friendly types of exterior wood sealers. These wood sealers are traditionally latex or water based, low odor and water soluble. Since they are devoid of any petroleum products it helps to make them environmentally friendly for your project.

This company offers a wide range of green or eco-friendly products and among them is exterior water sealer. Check their website for the product to suit your project needs and for a local retail outlet.


Ikea, the big box store that is known for its furniture at low prices is now a presenting eco friendly finishing products for both indoor and outdoor use for its furniture products. These wood sealers can be used on any exterior wood surface. Visit your local Ikea store or check them out online.

Eco Wares

Eco Wares offers environmentally finishes of all kinds including exterior water sealer. Their broad choice covers roof sealants, wood sealer, concrete sealer and many other products. Visit them on line at


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