Eco-Friendly Types of Granite Sealer

Even though there is a large variety of granite sealer, most of them are not VOC compliant and could be easily flammable and yellow over time. With the tightening of environment conservation rules, every industry is seeking eco-friendly solutions for their products and the stone sealing market is no exception to this rule. An eco-friendly granite sealer should protect against the damage occurred by oil and water.

Types of Sealers

Granite sealer is categorized into 2 types: penetrating and topical. The first one penetrates deeply into the stone, while the latter coats the top of the counter's surface. Read the ingredients on the label that point towards being biodegradable and VOC compliant. Check if the product contains petroleum based ingredients that are harsh on the environment or contains eco-friendly ingredients like Efflon.

Penetrating Sealer

It protects the structure of natural stone and maintains its shine. This type of sealer impregnates the granite and keeps away oil and water. While shopping for penetrating sealer seek for an oil repellent impregnator, as it will prohibit oil from seeping into the stone. 

Apply two coats of this sealer with a gap of at least two hours for proper binding. When the coats dry, add more sealer to the granite and rub with a soft, dry rag.

Topical Sealer

It forms a film onto the granite surface and protects it against water and oil spills. It is manufacture from acrylic, natural wax and other plastic compounds. Topical sealers are further segregated into 2 types: strippable and permanent.

Strippable topical sealers can be easily removed from the granite surface. On the other hand, permanent is comprised of water-based or solvent-based polymers and remains permanent once applied. However, these are discouraged from use on the granite surface.