Eco-Friendly Ways of Staining a Fence

Staining a fence is something that you can do without hiring the services of a professional. It is great to have a fence around your yard because it is a way to protect your pets and your kids. The fence can also serve as a safeguard of your privacy which comes in handy if you spend a lot of time in your yard.

Since your fence is protecting you, it is also right that you take measures to protect it as well. Staining a fence is the only way that you can protect it, especially if it is made from wood.

Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Stains

Until recently all paints contained toxic chemicals, so much so that the USA Environmental Protection Agency classified it among the top five bad substances for the environment. Paint manufacturers soon recognized the need to produce environmentally sound products. Today, it is fairly easy to eco-friendly paints and stains to use on a fence.

Eco-Friendly Stain Choices

You can choose to go with stains that have natural ingredients in them such as TimberSoy, a brand that produces stains from soybean oils.

There are also water-based stains that are good for the environment and come in various colors. Check out the Internet for online stores that specialize in selling green paints and stains.