Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean and Maintain Cork Flooring Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean and Maintain Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is among the most eco-friendly flooring materials you can buy. Once bark has been harvested from the cork tree, more grows, making it completely sustainable. Cork flooring is soft on the feet, but it does need special care when it’s being cleaned, and the cleaning needs to be done regularly to keep it looking good.


There are several simple steps that you can use to maintain a cork floor quite easily. Be sure not to drag furniture over the cork flooring, as it scratches very easily. Similarly, when you sweep the floor, only use a broom with soft bristles for exactly the same reason. You don’t want liquid pooling on the cork flooring, so be sure to wipe up any spills immediately and put large saucers under plant pots and pet dishes. If water seeps into and through the cracks in the cork, it can begin to form mold under the cork flooring.


You can protect the cork by applying an acrylic sealer to the cork flooring. There are those who aren’t certain about this, as it’s not too green, so you need to decide based on your preferences. If the cork flooring is being used in a kitchen or bathroom, however, then it can prove to be a very good idea.


You will need to clean the cork flooring regularly in order to keep a good look to it. To do this, have warm water in a bucket and put in a very small amount of dish soap. It’s important not to use too much or you’ll end up with a soapy film on the cork flooring that will look bad and can be slick. Dip a sponge mop into the bucket of water and soap. Wring it out until it’s almost dry and then start to mop the floor. Move backward and forward in smooth, even strokes. If you encounter dirt, push down a little. Don’t push too hard or you’ll deposit water on the cork flooring.

Freshen and clean the mop every few strokes. Be sure to wring the mop out as much as possible before using it on the floor. Once the water in the bucket appears dirty, replace it with fresh water and dish soap. Continue until you’ve mopped the entire floor.


Cork flooring will dry best when it’s allowed to air dry. That can take a while, however, so it’s not always going to be possible, especially if you need to walk across the floor quickly. When that happens, the solution is to use clean, dry towels on the cork flooring. The towels should be soft or you can blot any liquid up with paper towels. Be gentle or you can end up with scratched cork. The cork flooring should be cleaned every week, especially in bad weather when there will be mud and dirt all over it. Never let it go more than two weeks without a cleaning.

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