Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean and Maintain Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine floor tile is some of the most durable and beautiful tile available. While it is designed to last many years, you must make sure that you take special care of it if you want the finish to remain looking good. If you are concerned about the environment and you want to only use eco-friendly ways to clean the travertine, you have a few options. Try some of the methods below for effective cleaning.

Dry Mop

If you allow dirt to accumulate on top of  travertine and then you walk on it, you will essentially break down the surface of the material. Dirt can be very corrosive, so you need to make sure that it is consistently moved from the surface of your travertine tile. To do this effectively, you can use a dry mop. With this method, you will not need any cleaner, but you can remove all of the dirt from the floor.

Wet Mop

In addition to dry mopping the floor, you should also try to occasionally wet mop it. This will allow you to get in and remove some of the grime that builds up on the floor that can not be removed with a dry mop. By using a wet mop, you will also be able to remove any of the sticky substances that you have got on the floor from spills.

When you are wet mopping the floor, you only need to use hot water. By using hot water, you will ensure that you are utilizing an eco-friendly solution. It will also do the job of cleaning the floor and sanitizing it for you.

Steam Cleaning

Another way to clean your travertine is to use a steam cleaner. In many cases, it may be to your advantage to hire a professional steam cleaning company to do this job for you. They have industrial sized steam cleaners that can use a powerful stream of steam to clean your tile and grout. This is especially effective at cleaning the grout in between the tiles. Steam cleaners heat water to a very high temperature in order to create steam. Then they use large amounts of pressure to force the steam into the floor. This has the effect of sanitizing the floor as well as cleaning anything off of the surface.

If you do not want to hire a professional company to do this for you, you can purchase a residential steam cleaner or you can even rent one from one of the big box stores in your area. Generally, you can rent one for a very reasonable price and they are simple to use.