Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Concrete Sealer

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What You'll Need
Citrus-based degreaser
Soy or citrus-based stripper
Long-handled paint roller
Fine nap paint roll
Putty knife

When concrete sealer becomes damaged it will have to be removed. Stripping concrete sealer can seem like an intimidating job, but it can be done in an easy and eco-friendly way by using the right products.

Soy or Citrus Removal

Chemical removal is the quickest and easiest way to remove a concrete sealer. Harsh chemicals are hazardous to people and the environment, so an eco-friendly choice is to use a soy- or citrus-based stripper. They take a little longer to work, but they are much less harmful.

Step 1 - Clean Floor

Clean concrete with 1 part citrus-based degreaser to 2 parts water. Rinse well and let dry 48 hours.

Step 2 - Apply Stripper

Use a long-handled paint roller with a fine nap paint roll to apply a thick coating of soy or citrus-based concrete sealer stripper. Allow it to work for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3 - Scrape Off Sealer

Use a putty knife to scrape up the loosened sealer and throw away the debris.

Step 4 - Clean Concrete

Clean the concrete with soap and water to remove any remaining sealer and debris. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow it to dry for several days before reapplying sealer.