Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Granite Sealer Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Granite Sealer

It can be difficult to find a product that is both eco-friendly and capable of removing granite sealer. Here are a few options to look into to help you accomplish this task with ease.

Green Option Stripper

This remover is one of the most popular as it can remove not only granite sealer but also finishes, wax build up and soil. It is non-toxic, has no odor and is easy to use. The only downside to this product is that it can be a little bit pricey compared to others. However, it is effective and will not harm the granite surface.

Citrus or Soy Remover

Using a product based on natural ingredients such as soy or citrus will ensure that you are removing the sealer from the granite tops and that you are keeping them from harm. While they do take a little bit longer to work with and remove, they are very friendly on your granite surface and will help to keep them intact.

Both of these products and ingredients are great for the removal of granite sealer. Be sure that when you are searching for an eco-friendly removal product of any kind, that you make sure it is meant for the surface that you are working with.


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