Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Marble Sealer

If your marble sealer is damaged, or applied incorrectly, you will need to remove it. Unfortunately, doing so normally will involve the use of toxic chemicals. While the best option is always preventing the damaged or imperfect seal in the first place—possibly by avoiding sealing the marble altogether, as it is not always necessary—this is not always a viable option. In case it is necessary to remove your marble seal, it is important to have an environmentally friendly way of removing it.

Using Premium Stripper

By using premium stripper and lacquer thinner, you can remove marble sealer. Use a solvent resistant paintbrush to apply the stripper, and remove it before it hardens, using the paintbrush again. Do this as many times as necessary, finishing up with a layer of lacquer thinner, which you must also remove immediately.

Removing Excess Sealer

If you are trying to simply remove excess sealer that has hardened onto your marble, you may have a simpler option that involves no extra chemicals. Simply applying more sealer to your marble can loosen the excess that has hardened. However, it is especially important at this stage that you remove the excess sealer in time before it hardens again and puts you in an even worse situation.