Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink Drain

If you have a clogged kitchen sink drain, do not reach out automatically for a commercial drain cleaner. Instead, why not clean your drain with an all natural method that is friendly to the environment.

Unclogging Manually

Unclogging your kitchen sink drain by hand may not be a very attractive proposition but it is a sure way of doing it. To help you with the task, you can employ a cheap thin and long tool that is made of plastic. It has teeth that faces backwards and is inserted through the drain. When you pull it out, clogs get caught on the teeth thereby allowing you to pull them out. Repeating the action several times will usually clear your sink drain of blockages.

Using Natural Enzymes

Natural enzymes can also be used to unclog your kitchen sink drain by breaking down the organic matters that are causing the congestion. There are products on the market that contain such enzymes which you can use on a regular basis. To use it, follow the manufacturer’s instruction printed on its label.

To keep your kitchen sink drain from clogging try a little maintenance job of pouring distilled vinegar and boiling water into your drain. Doing it once a month will usually keep your sink drain clear and prevent waste from forming up inside the pipes and causing a clog.